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About Us

In 2008 we set out with one goal - to turn the travel reservations market on its head. We weren't trying to be flashy or arrogant. In fact, quite the opposite. Our objective was simple. Build something specifically designed for bus, boat and adventure operators that was easy to use and affordable too - whether you’re a single owner/operator or a multi-national tour provider. 

Today, OperatorHub is a powerful, yet simple tour operator system which is used around the world. Based in Queenstown – the adventure capital of the world, we are a global company at the heart of adventure tourism. When we aren’t building out the system, we’re out experiencing our fair share of adventure activities or having beers with adventure tour operators.

What Makes us OH so Special?

Our simple and powerful software is different from the others on the market. Because we’re fast and flexible we can provide you with almost anything you need. This means you can get software that’s tailor-made to your business at unrivalled development speeds - giving you what you need, quicker.


Everything we do is to make adventure operations simple, flexible and agile.

Some Of Our Connections

7 reasons to choose OperatorHub
(because 10 is so cliché)

1.  Adventure Specialists

We know who we are and what we do well. That’s being a world class online booking system for bus, boat and adventure operators. And as a team of travel enthusiasts and technology specialists, we want to see our partners succeed and we will do what we can to support you on your journey to greatness.

2. Flexible

We know your business is unique, so we don’t try and box you in like others in the industry. Instead we champion your differences. We support you to make the system truly work for your needs with additional customisation packages.

3. Simple

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do. We want to make your lives as easy as possible, so we make our system straightforward and user friendly, and our pricing and support OH so simple.

4. Agile

Being a local and agile business gives us unprecedented speed to market with the latest technology, releasing new features to you every two weeks. That’s right, every two weeks!

5. Direct Bookings

We won’t charge booking or transaction fees for offline reservations made by your staff directly into your own database.

6. Powerful Functionality

We have specific functionality already tailored to your business needs like: weight and balances, tidal scheduling, private chartering, digital waivers and integrated photo and video packaging.

7. Powerful

Connect with thousands of resellers globally and locally with our integrations to partners including Viator, Rezdy, Website Travel, Get Your Guide and Trip Advisor.

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