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We help adventure operators like skydiving, bungy and helicopter operators to solve the complexity of managing operations including waivers, check-ins, weight & balances, vehicles and so much more.

Adventure Operator Functionality

Grow your Adventure 





Automate your Adventure 


Increase Control over your company

Specific capabilities we offer adventure specialists

Manage capacities 

Set raft capacities for easy customer allocation. 

Manage check-ins

Simplify check-ins with an easy to use interface, customer communication and group features.

Digital waivers

Seamlessly manage and store your waivers, include medical condition flags to prevent check-ins.

Photo & video integration

Integrate upselling and add-on of Photo & Video packages within customer account.


Streamline all processes for booking third party products or combos.

Branded certificates + tickets 

Extend your branding with Customer Certificates and activity"Jump" tickets. 

Weight and balance

Built specifically for air operators. You can allocate seats and luggage in planes and helicopters to meet aircraft safety standards. As well as having the ability to assign pilots and set fuel quantities specific to the type of plane.

Private charters

Easily create private events and charters on the fly.

Pilot manifests

Automatically distribute pilot manifests and weight and balance sheets.

Vehicle management

Allocate specific vehicles for specific tours, dates and events.

Standard Features

Grow your business

Manage Commissions
Manage and monitor commission percentages for agents and OTA’s.


Payment Options
OperatorHub gives you the ability to take payments with your preferred payment gateway provider. Process credit cards online in flash, it’s just that easy.


Package any products you own together, with additional merchandise or with 3rd party products for increased sales.


Customer Relationship Management
With an inbuilt CRM system, manage your customer data, for better tracking, reporting and targeting.

Grow your business.jpg
Provide a better customer experience.jpg

Providing a better
customer experience

Promo codes
Implement, track and report on your discount promo codes.

Increase customer control
Give your customers more freedom by letting them login and manage their own profiles and itineraries.

Gift certificate management
Sell branded gift certificates and vouchers and allow customers to book themselves via b2c websites.

Seat availability
Display  seat availability in real-time.

Seat allocation
Allocate your customers seats from within the platform

Mobile responsive online booking
Embed OperatorHub into your website for a seamless and straightforward user experience.

Customer SMS messages
Keep customers in the loop. Communicate quickly and directly with customers to notify them of rescheduling and changes.

Automate operations

Customer communications
Schedule automatic email triggers for tickets, itineraries, receipts and vouchers, and communicate with customers before and after their travel using ready-made email templates.


Price changes
Automate price changes for special dates and peak seasons for agent distribution.

Scheduled reports
Automate reports to run so they are ready and waiting for you Monday morning. 

Automate operations.jpg
Increase control over operations.jpg

Increase control over operations

Use customised pricing
​Manage and distribute a range of prices using price matrixes, special prices and seasonal prices.


Customise reports
Build and create report templates to suit your business and automatically generate, schedule and send reports.

Access control
Role and permission-based access to the Hub.

Manage live inventory
Have visibility over all of your inventory in real-time for quicker management.

Access a suite of reports
Choose from a selection of reports or use the custom report feature to build reports however you like.

Commission levels
Set customised commission levels by activity, season or other criteria.

Customised dashboard
Keep everything organised and manage your entire operation from a centralised hub.

Sell in multiple currencies
Choose from dynamic pricing using exchange rates or fixed pricing.

Staff scheduling

Have more visibility over your staff’s schedules and better manage your resources

See what others have to say...

"It's extremely accessible from any device and relatively fast to display the information that I need at a glance. It's API's help us save time on the phone by allowing agents to see availability, book and have the product confirmed."

- Ian C
CEO, Skytrek

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