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How Do the OperatorHub Team Know the Tourism Industry So Well?

Would you ever have your car serviced by a mechanic who has never driven a car?

When we need to make a purchase decision, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing we’re buying from a seller who has clearly used their own product or service. So, why should it be any different when choosing software?

How much do you know about the team behind your chosen tour operator software? This is a key point that is easily forgotten when comparing providers. After all, if you can find a reservations software company driven by experienced tour operators, you would pick this company over any other.

At OperatorHub, we choose our staff based on their relationship with the tourism and travel industry, ensuring that we know exactly what we are doing and how our own software can work perfectly for you.

Jordan Digby, our Chief Technology Officer

Jordan arrived on the OperatorHub scene after a long line of impressive job positions at various large companies across the industry. He has leant his reservations tech knowledge to the likes of Viator, Sabre, British Airways Holidays and Qantas Holidays.

Nowadays Jordan oversees the technical architecture and systems that make OperatorHub the simple, seamless platform it is today.

Selina Kelly, Director of Operations

Once owner and director of the famously renowned “Grasshoppers Nimbin Tour” our Selina knows check-ins, manifests and tour customer service like the back of her hand.

Selina recalls a time when the Grasshoppers reservation team would answer 50+ calls a day and manually enter bookings before onboarding with OperatorHub.

The WebsiteTravel connection feature allows automatic bookings to flow seamlessly into OperatorHub from agents all over the globe - a feature Selina described as “lifechanging for the Grasshoppers business”.

Damien Bolger, Senior Developer

Helicopter tour companies connecting with OperatorHub can find comfort in knowing their tour reservations software is being developed by a trained helicopter pilot!

Damien worked as a base manager at “Amalgamated Helicopters” for over three years. So, you bet the man knows his way around a balance sheet. Phew.

Josh Mulvihill, Technical Support Specialist

Josh’s support is backed up by years and years of experience. Not only has Josh managed operations for a Fraser Island tour company, but he was also the standing manager for Queenstown based shuttle service “Info & Track” when they onboarded with OperatorHub. Josh understands the cogs in the wheel that keep a tour operator powered - an invaluable support component.

Sarah Flynn and Danny Hughes, our BDM’s

Our Australia BDM Sarah entered the tourism industry with a job on an original Whitsundays tour boat, all hands on deck, literally!

She and Danny both also worked as travel agents, progressing to managing travel agencies and are now driving the sales and account management team of OperatorHub.

Their time spent on the ground means they know all the ingredients of a preferred tour product, they know what makes an agent tick and most importantly, they know how a tour product is SOLD.

So take comfort in knowing that every cog in the OperatorHub wheel is turned with expertise, experience and an industry understanding that is second to none.

Want our expert team on-board to boost your tour product sales in 2020? Contact us for a demo to see how our technology can help you make 2020 an even better year.

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