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We make adventure operations flexible, automated and OH so simple

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OperatorHub is designed for adventure, buses and boat operators

Adventure Operators

We help adventure operators like skydiving, bungy and helicopter operators to solve the complexity of managing operations including waivers, check-ins, weight and balances, vehicles and so much more.

Bus Operators

We specialise in simplifying tourist operations for hop-on-hop-off, bus networks, fixed itinerary multi-day tours, single day tours and multi vehicle bus tours.

Boat Operators

We’re experts at managing all aspects of boat operations. From setting and adjusting boat capacities to simplifying check-in procedures – we’ve got you covered.

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How OperatorHub Will Help You

Grow your business

  • Easily scale your distribution capability 

  • Get access to markets all around the world

  • Find customers outside your network

Automate Operations

  • Life should be easy. Automate your manual operations and increase efficiency.

  • Tailor your system to your needs and automate almost any of your processes. Got something specific in mind? We’ll make it happen.

Provide better
customer service

  • Give your customers a better online experience with full website integration.

  • We make booking simple for customers meaning you can increase your direct web sales.

  • Get dynamic online manifesting across all kinds of devices for improved User Experience. Let customers book from anywhere, anytime.

Increase control over business operations

  • Easily see what’s happening across all your operations.

  • Save time spent on reconciliations.

  • Manage all of your operations from one location.

  • Get all of your reports and data in one place for better control of your sales and marketing.

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Why Choose Us?

OperatorHub is a tour operating system tailor-made for bus, boat and adventure operators. It’s a simple, yet powerful software that’s different from the others on the market. We’re fast and flexible, so we can customise a powerful fully integrated system at an unmatched development speed. Giving you what you need, quicker.

We’re here to help you do what you do best. Succeed.

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We're here to help you succeed!

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