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5 Secrets To Giving Back To Key Partners This Financial Year

For most profit focused businesses, the weeks approaching the 30th of June are strained. The EOFY deadline plonks itself smack bang in the middle of otherwise seamless project timelines, and as a result workplace attitudes can sometimes turn from efficient to frantic.

It’s natural that things can feel tense, but the 30th of June also doubles as a clean slate, a new era, an excuse to ooze optimism and strengthen your best business relationships.

Here are the 5 ways we suggest you give back to your key partners this financial year:

1. Keep track of achievements and milestones for their business

If the beginning of the financial year signifies new on-boarding or contracts for your business, then the June 30 deadline is probably surrounded by key dates for your company relationships.

Are there any company relationships approaching milestones? Clients approaching 5 years of trading? Keep track of these events and acknowledge them with simple gestures like media posts or even a kind email.

2. Get "plugging"

If maintaining brand presence has ever been a priority for your business, then you’ll probably understand the importance of “shout-outs” and “mentions” in the social media world.

Collaboration advertising has never been so simple, and it’s completely free. Brand recognition is one of the most valuable things a business can have in this day and age. Shed some spotlight for your most honourable key partners and share their success publicly.

3. Commit to feedback

Feedback is always there, sitting in your inbox, piling up in your survey post results, in your social media channels. But just how often does your team sit down and take the time to facilitate changes?

If there is ever a good time to schedule this meeting, it’s at the beginning of the financial year. Write the agenda:

- Do we have feedback to review?Is our platform, site or product user friendly?Are our clients satisfied/supported?

- If your business is driven by innovation, the beginning of the financial year should see the launch of changes as your BDM meetings are centered around the question, “what can we do better?”

4. Respond to those event invites

What have you scribbled in your diary amid a content-heavy client discussion? Industry nights, seminars, forums, mingles – the middle of the year acts as an obvious calendar point for these events because companies tend to avoid the silly season. Have you ensured a representative from your company will attend?

Appearances from key parties really do leave lasting impressions on your clients, make sure you keep them up.

5. Get on-board the "free sample" train

Have your most reliable agents had a taste of your most recent product? When was the last time you scheduled an agent famil? A free-trial period for your most recent feature? A free training session for your platform?

What piece of your business pie can you hand out free of charge and benefit from?

Detract your focus from “the end” of the financial year and start looking to better the beginning of a new one.

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