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5 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Product to Gen X

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

How many of your customers in the last year were aged between 39 and 54? Your answer to that question determines your ability to market to Generation X, also known as the ‘Baby Bust’.

On a whim, we can assume that most Gen Xer's have their hands full with home-ownership, children, and a peaking career, and might find themselves splurging on a mid year holiday, which alone would make them the dream target audience.

But Gen X are also considered skeptical of modern advertising, and pessimistic about having the money to retire, which has led them to marry cautiously, balance family and work. You’d best believe, they won't settle for anything other than a personalized brand experience.

They may not have grown up with the online shopping experience and still prefer to take a trip to a local store, however more than 80% are reported to be using the internet to educate and communicate.

So, how can you adapt your procedures to build relationships with this generation? How are their buying behaviours influenced? Most importantly, how can you gain their trust?

Here's what you need to know about marketing to the forgotten Generation"

They do shop online

Unlike the Baby Boomers, Generation X are digitally aware. As their three main activities include email, checking the news and weather, and banking, companies must employ email marketing and online advertising onto these specific browsing channels for a more targeted ad campaign. In saying this, DON’T BOMBARD with deals. Gen X are extremely conscious of modern advertising and selling techniques and will not respond to anything but authentic contact with the brand.

Quality: Remembered long after the price is forgotten

Gen X’s engagement with products, ads and shopping is both cynical and sophisticated. Ensure your business demonstrates consistency and dependability to its service and products. Stick to straightforward and readable messages and infographics that stress the personal need for a product.

Similarly, respond to their savvy saving characteristic and leverage the cost and efficiency between you and your competitors to make your offering seem more affordable and appealing. Remember this, treat this generation like family and you will have their loyalty for life.

Beware, these Gen X’ers are fervent researchers

Stay transparent and informative. Gen X is known for their research into shopping online therefore, the more reviews, and opinion sites, the better. Take all the necessary steps to make yourself visible online through search engine optimisation, social media, and review sites.

Save time and avoid nonsense by highlighting the expectations and benefits of your brand through visually rich information that diffuses their skepticism of modern advertising.

Digital and physical newsletters are your new best friend

It's understandable you may be sceptical of digital newsletters, but the Gen X stats don't lie. Be careful when sending direct mail with a thick wall of text and instead, incorporate visuals that address your main points and summarise the key message. As a coupon fanatic, offering an incentive will maximise engagement and make your brand stand out amongst their overcrowded inbox of competitors.

Get personal

Sincerity, authenticity and independence – just a few takeaways when advertising to Gen X. It is extremely important that, when creating your marketing approach, you personalise the brand experience to boost brand favourability and purchase intent among your users. Throw away generic marketing messages and relate to Gen Xers families, health and money saving priorities. Likewise, avoid potential cynicism by offering high quality, targeted products and services with unique messaging.

The final takeaway…

These low profile, yet established individuals are seeking trust and honesty from organisations. Their enormous buying potential unlocks a gold mine of prospects for businesses willing to use a more unique and targeted approach.

Incorporate these tips into your marketing strategy and you might have a loyal customer for life.

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